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We’re a cancer support community for patients and their families

We believe everyone should have someone to turn to after a cancer diagnosis. Since 1965, Neighborhood Cancer Connection – an independent, non-profit formerly known as the Cancer Society of Greenville County – has committed its resources to providing holistic support for cancer patients and their families: financial, physical, and emotional. From prescriptions and counseling to nutrition and medical equipment, NCC supports dignity from all angles, while also ensuring every cancer fighter is connected to a vibrant, supportive community – perhaps the most important factor in contributing to a positive outcome.

Our Purpose

In the unpredictable fight against cancer, we work to promise one constant: dignity through equal access to care and community for the most vulnerable.

Our Vision

A network of local, open-door cancer communities where everyone can experience life-changing support and belonging throughout their cancer journey.

Our Mission

Connect people to free, integrative services that can meet their emotional needs, relieve financial burdens, and equip them for the most successful journey through cancer.

Our Values

At the Neighborhood Cancer Connection our core values guide everything we think and do, from why we believe so strongly in investing in our community to how we run our organization.
Love Your Neighbor
"Everybody can be great because everybody can serve."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

For us as Companions and Citizens, to love is to serve. We actively seek for ways to assist, support, and provide hope to our neighbors facing the emotional and financial toll of cancer. Because we are able, we are responsible.
Promote Dignity
We believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to fight cancer with dignity, no matter their social or economic circumstances. Guided by integrity and fairness, we’re committed to providing life-affirming services to all of our neighbors confronting the burdens of cancer.
Lead with empathy
While we’re here to help, we’re also here to be guided by every individual’s unique experience.

We’re an others-focused organization committed to seeing (and meeting) broader needs within our scope of provision, all while respecting the privacy and experience of those who rely on us for our support and understanding.
Build community
The desire to belong is one of the most human experiences there is, and finding belonging is its own kind of medicine.

We focus on creating, expanding, and connecting a robust community of patients, survivors, volunteers, family, friends, and donors to create the strongest most consistent support system we can.
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You may remember us as the Cancer Society of Greenville County?

In early 2023, our team set out to distinguish our much-loved local organization from the confusion of all other cancer societies nationally. And since we were already keyed up for a large expansion and renovation of our 100-year-old home on Mills Avenue, the timing was perfect to rebrand in light of our local cancer community’s growing needs. Now, the Neighborhood Cancer Connection represents a local bright spot in the lives of those affected by cancer. A place where a warm welcome and instant relief is just through our front door.
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Help our Capital Campaign expand essential cancer support

Our current Capital Campaign is focused on completing fundraising for our new 6,900-square-foot building, doubling our space and increasing functionality for a variety of client needs. Thanks to the help of generous neighbors, we have already raised $3.5 million of our $4.5 million goal.


We are TEMPORARILY relocating our office. On April 2, 2024, services will be provided from 527 Mills Ave. (Suite 101) until our new facility is complete. Please call 864.232.8439 for more information.