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Expand our mission by supporting our capital campaign

We’re thrilled to announce that plans for our new cancer support facility are rolling along! We’re making exciting progress on reaching our fundraising goal (80% raised to date!) with the help of generous leadership donors. However, every donation – no matter how large – gets us closer and closer to local cancer patients in need. Learn more about our Capital Campaign project below.


Adapting to new needs

All services of the Neighborhood Cancer Connection are provided at no cost to our clients directly from our location: a 100-year-old house on Mills Avenue.
NCC Existing HouseRegrettably, this house no longer meets the needs of the Greenville community. Space limitations inhibit programmatic growth, patient privacy, and accessibility for people with physical challenges. Population growth, cancer treatments, diagnoses, and the healthcare community have all transformed; it’s time we did too. The projected budget for our building renovation is $4.5 million, which will give us 6,958 square feet of space to enhance and build upon our current services. Space limitations prevent our program from growing and reaching more members of the cancer community.
  • Our small location compromises client privacy and, therefore, confidence, restricting the sharing of vital personal information.
  • Our location wasn’t originally designed for people with limited mobility and health challenges. Today, it creates barriers for access and discourages return visits for those without caregiver support.


Evolve and expand

Almost 60 years later, we hope to evolve our mission to meet the needs of a new healthcare landscape

NCC New Building Rendering

A building by itself cannot accomplish these goals, but it can be the place where people fighting for their lives find one another and thrive. With a larger, more modern facility, the Neighborhood Cancer Connection will:

  • Accommodate the growing needs of clients and cancer survivors, allowing us to evolve and expand for the benefit of the community
  • Ensure client privacy, more counseling sessions, and additional room to store essential nutritional supplies and durable equipment
  • Provide convenient access to clients, avoiding further physical exertion and challenges that could prevent them from seeking mental and financial support
  • Ease the burden of cancer with a mindset of compassion and understanding
  • Provide an environment of nurturing warmth for both intentional and spontaneous peer interactions and connections
  • Empower those who visit to fight their disease in community, rather than alone


Help us grow Greenville's cancer support system

Our goal is to raise an additional $1 million to fully fund the project, slated to be completed by summer 2024. Thanks to these folks for helping us reach that goal.

Contributions are welcome by cash, check, credit card using this form, or other appreciated assets. And we’re thrilled to confirm that 0.93 of every dollar donated goes directly to our friends, family, and neighbors fighting cancer here in Greenville.

We are excited to announce title sponsorships
Please contact us directly if you’d like more information regarding available naming opportunities that can also include signage to honor or memorialize a loved one.
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